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Overload Release Date

Overload, the spiritual successor to Descent, made by my friends and former members of the original Parallax Software / Outrage Entertainment team, is finally being released on May 31st! The… read more Overload Release Date

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Descent Forever?

Interplay has a brand new website up with dedicated pages to some of their previous games, including Descent!  Not really sure where this image above comes from, but I assume… read more Descent Forever?

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The Phoenix

Their website only has the image below, but it seems Interplay is about to rise from the ashes.  Here’s hoping they get their act together soon enough to make a… read more The Phoenix

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Descent 3 Post-Mortem

Written by two guys that no longer work there.  Read the full post-mortem at Gamasutra

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Descent 3 Reviews

The reviews are in and Descent 3 is a huge hit!  I’m so excited to have been a part of making this game and proud of the entire team at… read more Descent 3 Reviews

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Descent 3 Tournament in Las Vegas

As part of the release for Descent 3 Interplay sponsored a $50,000 multiplayer tournament in Las Vegas.  Mark, Jerry, Chris P., Damien and I were in attendance to see the… read more Descent 3 Tournament in Las Vegas

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Descent 3 Launch Day

The Descent 3 team on launch day in Ann Arbor, Michigan outside of the Outrage Entertainment offices.

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E3 1998 Coverage

The Tampa Tribune stopped by the Interplay booth at E3 for a preview of Descent 3. Thank you for the coverage of our game!

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Outrage Entertainment

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Descent Maximum for PS1

Excited to release my first PlayStation game: Descent: Maximum.  Built on top of the recently released Descent II for PC, we’ve made an all-new experience exclusively for PlayStation with new… read more Descent Maximum for PS1