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Thimbleweed Park to Xbox One

I’m super proud to be a part of the team bringing Thimbleweed Park to Xbox One!  Here’s a few pictures from our recent trip to Germany and Gamescom 2015 where… read more Thimbleweed Park to Xbox One

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Producers Guild of America

Excited to announce that I’ve joined the prestigious Producers Guild of America.  The PGA represents the finest in the craft of production for film, television and new media and it’s… read more Producers Guild of America

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The Next Game Boss Ep.1: The Concept

Yep, that’s me sitting in the “Simon” chair crushing some kids’ dream of being the Next Game Boss.  Here’s the official description from IGN: Six teams of up-and-coming devs compete… read more The Next Game Boss Ep.1: The Concept

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Communication Tips for Game Producers

When I started in the industry, there was little information available on game development and even less on game production. I had no idea what was expected of me because… read more Communication Tips for Game Producers

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Descent 3 Post-Mortem

Written by two guys that no longer work there.  Read the full post-mortem at Gamasutra

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My Big Break

This was the issue that kicked off my game industry career.  I had been reading Next Generation magazine since it was available in the States and well before when it… read more My Big Break