Solo Trailer w/Kinect Star Wars Soundtrack

So happy to see some love for the amazing soundtrack from Kinect Star Wars being used on this parody trailer.  Trust me, we made this game with a lot of… read more Solo Trailer w/Kinect Star Wars Soundtrack

Vicarious Visions 25th Anniversary Congratulations to Karthik, Guha, and all my friends & family at Vicarious Visions on your 25th Anniversary! I loved being a small part of it and very much look… read more Vicarious Visions 25th Anniversary

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Fifth Journey Beams Aboard George Takei!

We’re very excited to announce the addition of George Takei to our Fifth Journey leadership team.  Read more about this exciting development and what’s in store for the future of… read more Fifth Journey Beams Aboard George Takei!

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New Levels, Origami, and Adventures Await!

Check out Kubo’s latest adventure with an new levels, new origami creatures to collect, and tougher battles to fight at:

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Kubo Released and Featured in China!

Kubo: A Samurai Quest has just been released in China and is featured as an Editor’s Choice in the top position on the iTunes store!  We’re currently the 2nd most… read more Kubo Released and Featured in China!

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The Writers’ Room

We had the pleasure of working down in Beverly Hills this week and pulled together an all-star writers’ room including Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner for an amazing new story… read more The Writers’ Room

Kubo: A Samurai Quest Reviews (Updated!)

We’ve received some wonderful reviews for our first game Kubo: A Samurai Quest while our app store ratings have been huge.  We’re so appreciative of all your support and so… read more Kubo: A Samurai Quest Reviews (Updated!)

Our FIRST Game: Kubo: A Samurai Quest

MATCH. COLLECT. BATTLE! I’m pleased to announce the release of our first game: Kubo: A Samurai Quest. Match magical charms, discover and collect beautiful origami characters, and battle against the forces of the evil Sisters… read more Our FIRST Game: Kubo: A Samurai Quest

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HartBeat Writers’ Room

We wrapped our first group of writing sessions for the Kevin Hart game at HartBeat Productions.  What a tremendous honor and so much fun to work with Kevin and all… read more HartBeat Writers’ Room

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Pocket Gamer Connects

I had a great time visiting Vancouver, British Columbia and speaking at Pocket Gamer Connects with these fine gentlemen! Panel: From Indie to Hollywood – Getting the best from Third… read more Pocket Gamer Connects