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A Eulogy for LucasArts

A Eulogy for LucasArts

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Star Wars: 1313 Team

Great group of people making amazing things.  I’ll watch your careers with great interest.

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Team 3

IGN News : LucasArts Closes Its Doors

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Lucidity available now on Xbox Live!

In Lucidity, players take a trip into the imagination of Sofi, a young girl who is filled with a persistent desire to explore new worlds and overcome all obstacles in… read more Lucidity available now on Xbox Live!

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Monkey Island: SE Team @ SDCC

Calling Vienna

For the past few years our fans in Vienna have held an annual Monkey Island Memorial party where they celebrate all things Monkey.  This year, however, they decided with the… read more Calling Vienna

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Rogue Leaders Book

Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts book by Rob Smith is out now!  The book covers the storied history and future of games at LucasArts in an amazing coffee table… read more Rogue Leaders Book

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Meeting Ralph McQuarrie

I had the great honor and privilege of meeting the legendary Ralph McQuarrie! For the uninformed check out the website of the man responsible for the incredible visual and conceptual… read more Meeting Ralph McQuarrie