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Blur Studio’s Monkey Island 2: SE Trailer

How AWESOME is this trailer!??

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Behind the Scenes of Monkey Island 2: SE

The Monkey Island 2: Special Edition trailer, making of, webdoc thingajig has been released today and just in time for my birthday! Check out just how much we jammed into… read more Behind the Scenes of Monkey Island 2: SE

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Monkey Island 2: SE Developer Commentary

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Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Announced!

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge expands on the highly successful The Secret of Monkey Island®: Special Edition. Signature special edition features including high-definition graphics, a re-mastered musical score,… read more Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Announced!

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Threepwood MAC, PSN AND SE2?

Lots of rumors going around here, here and here.

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We Won a NAViGaTR Award!

Monkey Island: Special Edition won NAViGaTR’s Best Game Classic Revival Award and was nominated for two acting awards for the stellar voice work of Dominic Armato and Earle Boen. This… read more We Won a NAViGaTR Award!

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Our G.A.N.G.

Congratulations to the entire Monkey Island: Special Edition audio team for WINNING the Best Handheld Audio award at Friday’s G.A.N.G. awards ceremony. Monkey Island: Special Edition for the iPhone has… read more Our G.A.N.G.

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Retro Gamer #70

You may not believe this, but getting on the cover of Retro Gamer Magazine was one of my top 5 goals when re-launching Monkey Island last year.  Retro Gamer magazine… read more Retro Gamer #70

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And the award goes to…

How awesome is that!!??  Thank you IGN and to everyone that made The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition a huge success!  Stay tuned for some exciting things happening in… read more And the award goes to…

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