The Next Game Boss Ep.1: The Concept

Yep, that’s me sitting in the “Simon” chair crushing some kids’ dream of being the Next Game Boss.  Here’s the official description from IGN:

Six teams of up-and-coming devs compete in IGN’s new reality competition show, The Next Game Boss, for a prize package worth $10,000!

In the premiere episode, the contestants are given the challenge to create a video game concept but are thrown two last minute twists: they can only use one button for player input and it must also be PC compatible! Watch the first episode, hosted by IGN’s Naomi Kyle and Daemon Hatfield with special guest judge Craig Derrick from LucasArts then leave us a comment below and answer this week’s question: which team are you rooting for?

They edited out all of our arguments, the crying and my jokes!  Oh well, I guess Greg Miller is the only guy that gets to be funny at IGN.  Anyway, I had a blast doing this and wish all of the teams the best of luck throughout the competition and into what I’m sure will be long careers within the game industry!

And a special thanks to Ken Fox for putting much of this together and inviting me to be their first guest judge!