LEGO Star Wars II

LEGO Star Wars II

There are a lot of perks at working at LucasArts. There are incredibly talented people everywhere! There’s an amazing campus with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Arts, and downtown San Francisco. The dining commons offers a variety of different types of meals for lunch that change daily. Our on-site gym ensures that you can work off all those different lunches and the tasty desserts too.

But every so often the best perk we get is cool free stuff!

This past Tuesday saw the release of Lego Star Wars II for every game console and this year’s collection of the Original Star Wars DVD’s with the unaltered versions of the classics. Lego Star Wars looked pretty good and I was probably going to pick it up, but I wasn’t so sure about the movies. Luckily, I didn’t have to because at lunch they gave away a copy of the game (I picked the 360 version) and each of the DVD’s for free!

Very Special Thanks, Uncle George!

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