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“Where Play is Serious Business”

WHERE PLAY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS Craig Derrick works in an office that has a bookshelf devoted to comic books as well as a pair of seen-better-days stand-up arcade consoles. One… read more “Where Play is Serious Business”

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Albany IGDA Inaugural Meeting

I’m proud to announce the formation of an official chapter of the IGDA right here in Albany!  We had our first meeting last night upstairs at the Albany Pump Station… read more Albany IGDA Inaugural Meeting

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Duke Nukem PS2 Announced

The February 2001 issue of Next Generation magazine is out with the ‘official’ announcement of our Duke Nukem PS2 game. We initially heard this cover and story was going to… read more Duke Nukem PS2 Announced

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Game Donations

Members of the Duke Nukem and Mary-Kate and Ashley teams getting ready to make a donation of a few PlayStations and games to a local children’s hospital.

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Descent 3 Post-Mortem

Written by two guys that no longer work there.  Read the full post-mortem at Gamasutra

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Descent 3 Reviews

The reviews are in and Descent 3 is a huge hit!  I’m so excited to have been a part of making this game and proud of the entire team at… read more Descent 3 Reviews

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Descent 3 Tournament in Las Vegas

As part of the release for Descent 3 Interplay sponsored a $50,000 multiplayer tournament in Las Vegas.  Mark, Jerry, Chris P., Damien and I were in attendance to see the… read more Descent 3 Tournament in Las Vegas

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Orlando Bound

Thank you MCV for the little shout out about my recent job to n-Space down in Orlando.  Excited to be working on games for the next PlayStation!

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Descent 3 Launch Day

The Descent 3 team on launch day in Ann Arbor, Michigan outside of the Outrage Entertainment offices.

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E3 1998 Coverage

The Tampa Tribune stopped by the Interplay booth at E3 for a preview of Descent 3. Thank you for the coverage of our game!