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Orlando Bound

Thank you MCV for the little shout out about my recent job to n-Space down in Orlando.  Excited to be working on games for the next PlayStation!

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Descent 3 Launch Day

The Descent 3 team on launch day in Ann Arbor, Michigan outside of the Outrage Entertainment offices.

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E3 1998 Coverage

The Tampa Tribune stopped by the Interplay booth at E3 for a preview of Descent 3. Thank you for the coverage of our game!

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Outrage Entertainment

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Descent Maximum for PS1

Excited to release my first PlayStation game: Descent: Maximum.  Built on top of the recently released Descent II for PC, we’ve made an all-new experience exclusively for PlayStation with new… read more Descent Maximum for PS1

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My First Game: Descent II: The Infinite Abyss

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My Big Break

This was the issue that kicked off my game industry career.  I had been reading Next Generation magazine since it was available in the States and well before when it… read more My Big Break