Secrets from the Lucasfilm Games Group

From the pages of Atari Connection magazine in the Spring of 1984 are the top ten tips on how to develop a video game at Lucasfilm Games.

  1. First, make it right, then make it fast
  2. Fail fast (if ever)
  3. Top-down and bottom-up
  4. Sound is your secret weapon
  5. Keep your sense of humor
  6. Make it real
  7. Make it hard
  8. Make it easy
  9. Make it perfect
  10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules

While these rules were written as programming tips, I have found they very easily adapt to the entire production of the game and the various phases of development as they represent the DNA of every LucasArts game we create!

For more on the origins of Lucasfilm Games, check out Peter Langston’s website here, where he shares how Lucasfilm’s computer division began in May of 1982!