An Incredible Return

I’m overwhelmed by the response to Return to Monkey Island. 

Fourteen years ago, I devised a plan to revive the Monkey Island franchise with the Special Editions and remaster our back-catalog library. However, everyone knows that the real goal was to get Ron & the band back together to make this game. I couldn’t be happier that we’re finally here, and by the response from the fans and the critics, they seem to agree.

Like its creators, the game is charming, witty, introspective, absurd, and sentimental. I’m so happy that Ron finally got his chance to tell this story and to have played a part in its development.

Truly a dream gig. 

Congratulations to Ron, Dave, and the teams at Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital, and Lucasfilm Games for creating a true masterpiece of its genre that I’m sure will be played, discussed, critiqued, and studied for years.