Fifth Journey in the South China Morning Post

Reading a Chinese newspaper at Tempest Bar during GDC. As you do.

Congratulations to Fifth Journey and Eric for the great coverage in today’s South China Morning Post following our company announcement.

“Many gaming companies want to work in Hollywood, but we understand their stories and characters first and then decide what kind of game to make.” The three Hollywood studios are so keen for Tan to get started that his team has been given permission to look at movies six months ahead of the release and have access to the writers and creators of the movies for as much information as they need to create the games.

The actual design of the storylines and characters, the game design and the monetisation are done by Fifth Journey’s creative office in San Francisco, led by chief creative officer Craig Derrick, while publishing, sales and marketing, dealing with Asian channels and distribution are done in Hong Kong.

Check out the entire article here or by zooming in on the paper I’m reading.