Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Writers’ Room

A sneak peek at how we made Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff so funny and authentic to the humor of the show — we created a writers’ room where they make the TV show!

The team and I traveled from S.F. to L.A. nearly every week for 6 months to write and design content (and eat steak sandwiches!) alongside the writers from Fuzzy Door (the creators of Family Guy) and members of the production team at Fox.  This direct connection to the writing staff of the show allowed us to capture the humor and voice of the show while also bouncing design ideas, future content, and the dialogue you’re seeing in the game now.  We also had the privilege of working with Fuzzy Door on the writing, production, and direction of the intro cinematic that starts our game which is why it feels like a small slice of the show.

I’m so proud of what we created and happy that folks are enjoying the game!

Sadly the door isn’t fuzzy.
The writers assembling at Fuzzy Door Productions
The legendary Chelsea Howe!
Shawn Ries, Alex Carter, Miriam Wilson and Arte Johann at Fuzzy Door Productions