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Ian Dominguez

Craig is the game development equivalent to Nick Fury. He knows talent, he builds teams, directs the action, assesses every situation, and whatever the project needs, start-to-finish, he’s the guy… read more Ian Dominguez


Thomas Gatewood

Craig is the gold-standard of Producers. He is an absolute master of communication, relationships, structure, and motivation. He has the amazing ability to get consistently stellar work out of his… read more Thomas Gatewood


Chelsea Howe

Craig is a lifesaver. He came onto a project that had seen a carousel of vision holders with limited production know-how and within weeks brought stability, a release feature set,… read more Chelsea Howe


Veronica Gonzalez

Craig is one of the best coworkers I’ve had in my career. He’s knowledgeable without being arrogant; has fantastic interpersonal skills and drives conversations with ease; trusts the people he… read more Veronica Gonzalez