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Family Guy: TQFS Hits 1M Facebook Followers!

Posted on June 29, 2015

Congratulations to the Family Guy community team lead by the amazing Matt Fairchild on hitting 1 million Facebook followers!  This is a huge accomplishment!

Best Mobile Game of 2014!

Posted on January 17, 2015


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff won the Best Mobile Game of 2014 at this year's Mobile Excellence Awards!  Congratulations to the team and everyone at TinyCo, Fox Mobile and Fuzzy Door!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Writers’ Room

Posted on October 24, 2014

A sneak peek at how we made Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff so funny and authentic to the humor of the show -- we created a writers' room where they make the TV show!

The team and I traveled from S.F. to L.A. nearly every week for 6 months to write and design content (and eat steak sandwiches!) alongside the writers from Fuzzy Door (the creators of Family Guy) and members of the production team at Fox.  This direct connection to the writing staff of the show allowed us to capture the humor and voice of the show while also bouncing design ideas, future content, and the dialogue you're seeing in the game now.  We also had the privilege of working with Fuzzy Door on the writing, production, and direction of the intro cinematic that starts our game which is why it feels like a small slice of the show.

I'm so proud of what we created and happy that folks are enjoying the game!

Sadly the door isn't fuzzy.

The writers assembling at Fuzzy Door Productions

The legendary Chelsea Howe!

Shawn Ries, Alex Carter, Miriam Wilson and Arte Johann at Fuzzy Door Productions

#5 Top Grossing!!!

Posted on October 10, 2014


Exactly six months from the day of our launch and we just cracked the Top 5 on the iOS Top Grossing Chart!  Congratulations to the Family Guy team and TinyCo for a great job done!

Family Guy: Comic-Con Event is LIVE

Posted on July 25, 2014


The Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Comic-Con event has gone LIVE!  It's our biggest event yet and has some great content in it including our first batch of celebrity guest stars including Patrick Stewart, Bryan Cranston, George Takei, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Ron Perlman and Felicia Day!


First Anniversary

Posted on July 16, 2014

I got a balloon and some candy.

TinyCo (2014)


Elect Adam West for Mayor

Posted on July 6, 2014

We got the legendary Adam West to help get the word out about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff! You can find more campaign videos at:

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Promos

Posted on April 12, 2014

Here is the teaser, first trailer and the original intro video created by Fuzzy Door (Seth MacFarlane's production company and the creators of Family Guy) that plays in front of our just released game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has LAUNCHED!

Posted on April 10, 2014


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has officially LAUNCHED! Download from the App Store and Google Play and help Peter save Quahog!

Download on iOS:

Download on Android:

Family Guy: L.A. Premiere Party

Posted on April 3, 2014

We had an amazing release party in L.A. for the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game last night.  Adam West, Alex Borstein, and many other actors, writers, and producers from the Family Guy show were in attendance along with members of the development team from TinyCo.  We got to show off the game to the press, talk with all the celebrities, and just have a great time celebrating the release of the game.  Here are just a few photos.

The Happy Ending Bar & Restaurant is now The Drunken Clam

Walking the Red Carpet

Members of the TinyCo, Fox, and Fuzzy Door teams.

Alex Borstein (the voice of Lois Griffin) and Craig Derrick at the Premiere

Family Guy writers Shawn Ries, Miriam Wilson, and Artie Johann with yours truly.