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Overload Release Date

Posted on May 9, 2018

Overload, the spiritual successor to Descent, made by my friends and former members of the original Parallax Software / Outrage Entertainment team is finally being released on May 31st! The game was successfully kickstarted back in March 2016 and the team has made some incredible progress all along the way. I can't wait to play this on PS4 and VR...that is if my stomach can handle the vertigo. You're going down!  Buy the game now on Steam here.

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Descent Forever?

Posted on September 24, 2008

Interplay has a brand new website up with dedicated pages to some of their previous games, including Descent!  Not really sure where this image above comes from, but I assume it's new.  Too bad they didn't get those Pyro-GX's quite right, but it's still cool to see something fresh from the world of Descent.

The Phoenix

Posted on April 21, 2008

Their website only has the image below, but it seems Interplay is about to rise from the ashes.  Here's hoping they get their act together soon enough to make a totally kick-ass, next-gen uh, current-gen version of Descent!

Descent, Fallout, Earthworm Jim, MDK, and uh - some elf chick

Check it out for yourself at:

Descent 3 Tournament in Las Vegas

Posted on August 28, 1999

As part of the release for Descent 3 Interplay sponsored a $50,000 multiplayer tournament in Las Vegas.  Mark, Jerry, Chris P., Damien and I were in attendance to see the winner crowned while also jumping in to play a few matches ourselves.  Great time with the guys and what a fun way to promote the game!

Craig standing next to a giant check.

Getting set up for the tournament.

Mark and Jerry getting a round in before the final tournament.

Drinks at the Star Trek Quark bar with the team.


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Descent 3 Team

Posted on July 17, 1999

Photo by Laurie Ford

The Descent 3 team on launch day in Ann Arbor, Michigan outside of the Outrage Entertainment offices.

From Left to Right: Sean Lynn, Chris Claflin, Doug Brooks, Matt Toschlog, Daniel McMillan, Chris Hayes, Craig Derrick (Me), Samir Sinha, Kevin Bentley, Mark Dinse, Jeff Slutter, Jerry Berlongieri, Matt Long, Jason Leighton, Christopher Pfeiffer, Luke Schneider, Nate Goudie, Josh Foreman, and Andy Crosby.

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